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Even when our office is closed, medical advice is still available!



For non-emergency medical problems that occur when our office is closed please call either the nurse triage line number provided by your insurance carrier (usually located on your insurance card) or our main number at 509-960-8894 and follow the prompts for after-hours medical advice (you are encouraged to follow the prompts for your specific insurance carrier).  If you choose to contact the after hours pediatric nurse triage service (Triage 4 Pediatrics)  rather than the nurse line offered by your insurance carrier please note that there will be a $20.00 fee imposed for each call made. This amount will be billed to the patients account and is not covered by insurance. Should your child require a hospital visit after hours, the nurse or physician on call will refer you to Sacred Heart Children's Emergency department.  

If your child needs to been seen when our office is closed the providers at Spokane Pediatrics recommend taking them to either Sacred Heart Children's Emergency Department or Providence Urgent Care clinics.  

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